Sawas Service has been a leading light & sound services fro more than 17 years. We are one of the most effective and also modernized light & sound service team. Our team has potential with a particular mix of skills and experiences especially in controlling standardization procedures of stage including stereo and modern equipments of light & sound. We are also highly knowledgeable in this kind of light & sound industry.

        Every tasks of Sawas Service are perfectly, greatful and fantastic. These reasons can ensure clients' confidence to trust our abilities. The official departments and state enterprises in Phuket, Phang-Nga, Krabi, Trang, other provinces nearby and top public companies believe in our performances and services.

Kon Pan R #2 Contest
       Our service crews has been requested to arrange the sound system and lighting for Kon Pan R competition Year 2 of southern of Thailand which organise at Hatyai city, Songkhla province. The purpose of this competition is to present student's abilities that you never see before. This helps building students more confidence to show their abilities.
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Nation Charity Ride 2006 Unified Sport
Phuket Blues Festival 2005